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Terms and Conditions


Gandhi is a Fully licensed restaurant.

Please ask for a dish if you do not see it on the menu.

We regret that cheque can not be accepted.

Minimum charge £8.95 per person (drinks not included)

There is a 10% service charge for dining in at the restaurant. It does not apply for takeaway. It is discretionary.

The management reserves the right to refuse admission without stating any reasons

All the prices in this menu are inclusive of VAT.

Although we take extra care when we cook our fish dishes, it still may contain some bones.

PLEASE NOTE : Food Allergies and Intolerances: Before ordering please speak to our staff about your requirements. For any questions regarding the allergen contents of specific dishes. Some dishes may contain traces of the following allergens: Wheat, Gluten, Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Milk, Eggs, Mustard, Fish.


Please kindly make sure you have put the correct address on your online delivery orders as the driver will not be able to take it to a different address from the one you have provided. If there is an issue relating the address then please contact the restaurant before placing the order. 

Once the driver is at your door step, The driver will either knock on the door or call your mobile based on whichever option you have requested. If the driver can not get hold of you then they will wait for 5 minutes and after that they will come back with the food. In this scenario we would not be able to offer a refund, however you are more then welcome to pick up the food from restaurant. 

Although we try our best to maintain delivery time as best as we can, there is always a possibility of you receiving your food 15 minutes earlier then you have requested or 15 minutes later then you expected.

We only accept delivery via our website and not over the phone due to avoid human error and to keep your data safe and secure.


If you have any question or concern related to the T & C please do not hesitate to contact us on 01392-272119. 

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